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Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop | 13.3" | 1080P HD | Compatible with 15''-17'' Laptops

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  • HIGHEST QUALITY TRI-SCREEN ON THE MARKET - Using the latest technology available to Vorsprung, our Triple Screen laptop attachment is the highest quality portable screen on the market.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - The Vorsprung Triple Screen has a durable and lightweight aluminium frame weighing under 2kg, perfect for when you are on the go!
  • PLUG & PLAY – Simply attach the Vorsprung Triple Screen to your laptop and plug it into your preferred display port. No lengthy setup processes or additional drivers are required! You can choose between different viewing modes, including Game Mode, Movie Mode, FPS Mode, and more. With up to 235° screen rotation (left) and 180° (right), the Vorsprung Triple Screen is perfect for sharing and presenting content with friends/colleagues sitting across from you!
  • COMPATIBILITY – The Vorsprung Triple Screen is widely compatible and works seamlessly with most operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Chrome, Linux, PS4, Xbox & Switch

Customer Reviews

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Triple Screen (12''-15'') - Good product

Im really happy with the screens.Took a bit to figure out how to use both screens, the directions that come with the screens, need a bit an update.Quality Is good, perfect for I need it for.

Triple Screen (12''-15'') - Good quality compact screens

I've been using this for the last month with my HP Probook and here are my impressions:? Easy to use - Once you have done the initial configuration my laptop now instantly picks up the screens and they are usable within seconds.? Screen Quality - Both screens are 1080p and whilst not as good as my inbuilt laptop screen they are still very good quality and are perfect for working on documents/browsing and Microsoft teams.? Compact - The main reason I ordered this is that I have quite a small desk space so I would struggle to have room for two external monitors. These monitors take up a very little footprint on my desk. They are supported by the laptop screen and a bracket so I can still store my notepad underneath the screen.? Ports - To use these screens you'll need an HDMI and USB-C output on your laptop. Luckily this wasn't a problem for me but worth noting before ordering.? Flicker - Occasionally, maybe once a week I notice a flicker on the right monitor for a second or two which then goes away. I am not sure if it's just my unit or if this is a wider issue.Overall I am happy with it. It's allowed me to be more productive when working even in my limited workspace

Triple Screen (12''-15'') - One of the screens wasn't turning up

The item was nicely packaged. The the screen was clear and vibrant but It took me some time to figure out the cables. My laptop has one USB C port, 1 HDMI port and 2 USB ports. As seen in the picture, I managed to get one screen working by connecting the HDMI to HDMI cable and USB C to USB A for the screen to function ( Although, there a lot of cables involved , I didn't mind so far as it functions ) . On the other screen, I have just 1 USB C port on my laptop available to connect to the USB C port for the screen, thinking that might do the charm but to no avail ( I thought my USB C isn't a thunderbolt) so I bought a USB C to HMDI adapter hoping it would work but nothing was displayed. I am thinking of returning it.Note : the right screen wasn't faulty, it works if I swap the cablesThat is the only problem I have with it otherwise it gets the job done and I would recommend to anyone have 2 USB C thunderbolt because I think that might be straightforward.

Triple Screen (12''-15'') - Great quality workspace enhancement

This fold out screen(s) transforms your laptop into an impressive tri-screen set up in a flash. As the product description shows, it is very easy to set up: you just fold out the screens from the middle frame when h securely fits to your laptop screen via the catches on the frame (which is super-easy to fit and get a good secure fit). It comes with a good range of cables and affords versatility re what configuration of screen useage you want (silt screen, mirroring etc). The ascrens themselves are excellent quality (better than my laptops in terms of clarity and colour vibrancy etc). This device may not be cheap, but the extra value it gives in screen real estate and productivity is huge, and as it folds down and is compact it doesnt take much room if you want it to travel with you. The screens also fold in the opposite direction too, which is great for presentations or sharing screen content with a client for example.All in ll this is a simple but clever idea well executed. For home or travelling workers who need additional monitor usage (but dont want the faff of taking extra monitors with them - or havent got the space) this is a great solution. My only critics is that where I tried it n my very old Toshiba laptop I found that thge Toshs screen was too thick or wide for the catches to slip into (but then nearly all laptops these days have got considerably slimmer). Just bear that in mind if youre still using an old laptop.Recommended.

S Leo
Triple Screen (12''-15'') - Great for WFH or away and reviewing

Took me a while to work it out, as you will need USB C and HDMI to work well. Old machine like mine with USB A would need some sort of adaptor to support both screens.Very portable and foldable, light weight @ just 1.2kg. Fitting my Dell nicely with hook and back support.Would be great if these can support USB A or 3.0, just like my other single extended screen, or somehow one cable linking the both would be better. ( rather than 2 individual cables needed or more for the power, hence pretty messy on the desk. )Personally thinking this is overpriced even @ 350, as I can easily get 2 bigger individual HD screens ( perhaps with touch function too )