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Smart EV Wall Charger w/ App & Type 2 Tethered Cable | 32A/7.4kW | 5M

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Smart. Simple. Swift. 

The perfect fuse of form and function. Say hello to the latest addition to our EV Wall Charger range.

Stay connected with our Tethered Type 2 Charger, suitable for any Type 2 compatible Electric and Hybrid Vehicle. Free next day UK delivery via a tracked delivery service means you’ll be charging from home before you know it!

Stay energized with our rapid charging feature, providing 7.4kW of power to keep you kinetic, quicker. Add up to 30 miles per hour of charging!

Stay in control with Vorsprung’s WiFi enabled app, allowing you to schedule your charging, modify charging modes and check battery levels. Charge greener and more cost effectively! 

Stay safe against the threat of electrical failure with our built-in earth rod, courtesy of O-PEN Protection, reducing installation costs.

Stay robust with industrial grade ABS, an IP65 rating, able to withstand dust, water and even low-pressure water jets. Charging is not recommended in torrential rain and steps should always be taken to limit exposure to any source of water.

Stay with Vorsprung, with our 3 year warranty giving you total peace of mind that your EV charging cable will serve your needs for a lifetime. 

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