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Red Light Infrared Laser Therapy (Small)

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  • MOST EFFECTIVE LASER THERAPY FOR PAIN - The latest Laser Pain Relief Device from VORSPRUNG now offers the highest specification light probes possible. The 650nm probe improves skin health and collagen production, while the 808nm probe penetrates the deeper tissue, leading to muscle recovery, providing pain relief, and healing deeper wounds!
  • NATURAL, SAFE, and NON-INVASIVE - The Red-Light Device offers a low heat output for an easy and safe recovery, applicable for all people and animals. Unlike others, the Vorsprung Infrared Cold Laser Therapy Device features a cord-free design which allows you to do your recovery sessions no matter where you are!
  • QUALITY MATERIALS AND LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE – At Vorsprung we pride ourselves on the build quality of our products – you will find that the Vorsprung Cold Laser Therapy Device has an incredibly sturdy build and a surprisingly long battery life, whilst still being lightweight and portable. The Vorsprung Infrared Laser device also features an incredibly fast charging time and is ultra-quiet when in use!

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