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Smart Baby Formula Kettle with LED Touch Display

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  • BABY BOTTLE IN SECONDS - With the latest Baby Kettle by VORSPRUNG, you will be able to accurately set the temperature of water you require. The Kettle will then silently heat the water within seconds!
  • TEMPERATURE HOLD FEATURE - Unlike others, on the latest VORSPRUNG Baby Prep Machine, you will be able to set a desired temperature and it will be able to keep the water at that temperature completely silently for up to 72 hours. So, there will never be a time when you are waiting for hot water!
  • LARGEST WATER CAPACITY - With the largest water capacity baby kettle, you will always have hot water to prep your bottle with. And with our Temperature Hold feature, it will always be warm!
  • COMPLETELY SILENT - With our sound reducing technology, our kettle is completely silent when heating the water and maintaining the temperature you have set. Meaning you can leave the kettle anywhere and heat the water any time without disturbing your baby!

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