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Type 2 Portable EV Charger | 8-Metre | CEE to Type 2 | 10A to 32A Variable | 7.4kW

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Portable. Powerful. Practical. 

Tired of being tied down to a fixed charger? Our Portable EV Charger is the perfect solution for EV owners who want to charge up wherever they are. 

Stay connected with our 8-metre CEE to Type 2 Electric and Hybrid vehicle charger.

Stay energized with our variable current settings, providing 7.4kW of power to keep you kinetic, quicker. 

Stay protected when charging on-street with our thin, yet durable cable, small enough to fit inside a standard cable protector. Free next day UK delivery via a tracked delivery service means you’ll be on the move again before you know it. 

Stay robust with industrial grade ABS, an IP55 rating, and dust caps, making your EV Charger impact resistant. The internal Type A RCD will protect you from electric shock. Do not charge for extended periods in damp or wet conditions. Charging is not recommended in heavy rain and steps should always be taken to limit exposure to any source of water.


Industrial-grade, thermo-plastic Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene polymer.


Free next day UK delivery


40.1 x 39.2 x 12.8 cm

3.05 Kilograms

5-metre lead

Fast, Reliable, and Safe

Made with adjustable amperage, embedded charging controller, copper-alloy pins, and industrial-grade ABS polymer - for ultimate charging speed, reliability, and safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazon Customer
Portable EV Charger (Type 2 | 8-Metre) - Really works well

what can i say it works well high quaity item and robust

victoria spencer
Portable EV Charger (Type 2 | 8-Metre) - You must have a 32amp socket to plug into. The supply po...

Make sure you have professionally installed 32amp supply. Perfect after install.

David fairall
Portable EV Charger (Type 2 | 8-Metre) - Great

Great charging cable one unit I can use at home and take away.

Amazon Customer
Portable EV Charger (Type 2 | 8-Metre) - 7.3 kw no problems

Very well build , thick cable. i have a 32amp 240v blue commando plug at home so plugged this in and for a fraction of the cost now have a home charging point putting out 7.3 kw per hour. I did turn mine down a bit because i have a hot tub and electric shower and overnight at 4.4kw was enough for me . having a 32amp supply fitted at work so i will keep it in the car and use as and when required. very handy piece of kit with so many charging points down or prices around 35p per kw. will pay for itself in a few months.

Keith Maull
Portable EV Charger (Type 2 | 8-Metre) - Excellent piece of kit

I can use this lead at home to charge the car through our 32 amp commando socket or reduce the power to 10 amp when we are at camp sites or similar.