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Automatic Retractable Pop Up Power Sockets w/ QI Wireless Charging Pad - 4x UK Plugs + 2x USB Ports

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Introducing the ultimate solution for your charging needs - the Automatic Retractable Pop Up Socket! This innovative and stylish charging solution features 4 UK 3-pin plug sockets, 2 USB sockets, and a wireless charging pad that is suitable for all Apple, Android and QI enabled devices, giving you the power to charge all of your devices at once.

The retractable design allows the socket to easily pop up when needed and then easily retract when not in use, making it a great space-saving and cost-effective option for any kitchen worktop or office desk. Simply apply light pressure on the wireless charging surface to engage the hydraulics and elevate the tower. With 4 plugs and 2 USB sockets, you can easily charge multiple devices at once, and the wireless charging pad allows you to easily charge your QI enabled devices without the need for additional cables. Plus, the Pop Up Socket is designed to use minimal power, ensuring that it is safe to use at all times.

Best of all, the Pop Up Socket requires no wiring, making it easy to install in any kitchen or office space. Its sleek design and compact size make it a modern and stylish charging solution that will enhance any space. Say goodbye to cluttered outlets - get yours today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pop-up Power Sockets - Sleek

Should have gotten this forever ago! It was pretty easy to install and it's just one of those things that you never realized how much you needed. It has a wireless charging that, for an older gentleman like myself, is just revolutionary. It also comes with 2xUSB ports which I find super convenient.

Pop-up Power Sockets - Great build quality but wish I had gotten the big one

Love mine, it works great and has everything I need. Wireless charging has been a game changer. I just wish I had gotten the bigger option - this one still does the job but I've been using mine quite a bit and it would have been better to get the bigger one.

Pop-up Power Sockets - Good quality fast delivery

Good quality, came fast (next day). Looks super nice too and the wireless charging function is just so usefull.

Pop-up Power Sockets - Fast delivery and nice design

Next day delivery, good packaging, sleek design looks great in my kitchen and super value for money in my opinion. Would recommend

Pop-up Power Sockets - Great to have in the kitchen

My kitchen layout is a bit awkward and I wanted a way to plug in my appliances right on my counter top. I use my mixer and my blender quite often and I always needed to keep running up and down my kitchen because the only socket available was far away from where I usually do all my prep work. Super happy with it! It also comes with 2 USB ports so I can charge my phone and I sometimes even charge my ipad if I'm following a recipe on it.